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Egypt is the cradle of a deep-rooted civilization whose history goes back to more than five thousand years. It is the museum of history and the melting pot of the greatest civilizations throughout the ages. On its land the Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Christian and Islamic civilizations flourished. Every inch on its land tells a tale or a legend and leaves a riddle that perplexes scientists and thinkers throughout time. On its land there lie treasures which reveal everyday one letter of the alphabet of civilization and mysteries of human miracles in all fields such as mummification and astronomy. In its land arts grew, sciences flourished and holy religions found a safe haven away from persecution, and received a warm embrace of the monotheism until they took root and blessed the world with the light of faith. Tourist attractions that Egypt possesses have placed it in the vanguard of world countries and the most attractive to tourists by virtue of the plenitude the tourist longs for, where he finds a vast tourism variety.
Abu Simbel
Sharm El Sheikh
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